Find you Voice Lessons

Lesson Two


Who are you?


I am starting with a quote from our lesson page:
"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."


This first Activity is to Pick out 15 words to describe your personal identity. 
Score each word on a scale of 1-5  1=Important to your identity & 5=Vital to your Identity.
This is really going inside your mind and asking some very personal and reviling thoughts about yourself, you know you are a woman, and you are 69yrs old, and wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, artistic, bad cook, but what is the real women in YOUR mind.
WOW this blows my mind. Just to think of the 15 words, about ME no way I said, but I really decided I am going to think about this seriously I know I joked with friends about all this but it turned  out to be a real challenge for someone my age and have lived through so much in her life so far. So I am now going to choose my words and try to describe my personal identity.
Woman # 5, Emotional #4, Bossy #5,  inableler#5,  great partner#5, Shy #3,overveight #5, Political #2, Religion #4, Fun# 4, Artist#4, Writer#2, Listener#5 scatter-brained #4, Do not follow direction well #5. Impatient  #4
Well that was all I could come up with at this time but as I said before I see a big change in my answers as we proceed with this lesson about our Voice...
This is the second Activity,  Pick two basic facts about yourself write a simple answer and a complex answer.
My simple answer is I am a 69 yrs. old lady, and I have nothing simple in my life now to may years have gone by. I have lived in my small hometown since 1973, I love it here.
My complex Story was already written in my first blog called I AM WOMAN  "Gemini"
I was born at the end of World War 2 on Dee Day, I was raised on and army post in Nebraska, where war prisoners were housed, my father was a cook in the army hospital, and when he left the army we moved to a small town in Nebraska where my mothers family lived and I was a lucky little girl to get to know all my great aunts, my aunt , grandparents, cousins, ect.  Then my 4 yrs later my brother was born and at the age of 6 we moved to Missouri, and I was raised in St. Louis County, Berkeley by the St. Louis International Airport, and when I was 16 I met the boy of my dreams and we were married in 1963, and the rest is history, you can read it in my previous blog.  Today I have become a blogger and trying to learn to use the computer and learn all I can about my great passion being creative in art.


Creative Prompts:

1. Craft based:    This will come at a later date.
2.Picture based:   This will come at a later date.
This is all I have for lesson two more to come as I have time to be creative and finish this session this may all come at one time as I am aging my time and energy level is slowing down,
Closing with a quote from our lesson.  " the greatest explorer on this earth never takes voyages as long as those of the man who descends to the depth of his heart."  Julien Green
Some day it will be my quote at the end of the Blog in time it will come.
Sharon D. Estes (Shadee66)


  1. You had me at "bossy and does follow directions well" are a hoot, and I think you are a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks Sandee, we may be made from the same mold. LOL
    You are also a lot of fun

  3. Oh man. We are all in so much trouble together because I'm bossy and don't follow directions well either. lol Sharon you have chosen some amazing words to describe yourself. I can see that you are taking a good look at the inner you. And please don't let your age define you. My Granny use to tell me you are only as young as you choose to act. ♥

  4. Thanks Paula, I thought they broke the mold when I was made but looks like more and more are appearing to pop up.
    We make a good group and I enjoy all my friends.