Tuesday, July 9, 2013


July 9,2013

It has been a while since I have been on here so I am back today to say I am doing fine and working hard on some great projects.  I received a great gift of some really neat stuff from a dear Facebook Friend, and I will enjoy using the stash she has sent. I am working on a photo album of my work to be posted as soon as I get all the details worked out. I am not the best with the computer and I am going Thursday to get some lesson on putting my pictures on a disk and then uploading them to my blog.  

This is some of my Journaling pictures I have been doing in a group I belong too.
This is call spring and I used paper collage and H2O spray.
Bird was my subject I chose for the year and I just did a Acrylic free hand painting  and added doodles and splatters.

My word for the year is Accomplish,  well this page kind of follows my word.
I chose a book page from a old book called Jinks, because that is the way my Mixed Media has been going.

I took and on-line e-course with Kelly Hoerning  and it was a Steampunk Class
This is the first project I really enjoyed this class I have not finished all the projects yet.


Life is Good and I Accomplished something today so until later enjoy your creative MoJo.
Sharon D. Estes.  (Shadee66)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


July 3,2013

Hello for Granny's Korner Studio. 

What do I have on my desk today well I have nothing.....Yes I said nothing. Shocked!!
I am in the process of cleaning and organization for my favourite friend and student to return next week..YEA!!!!!
She has been gone for 6 months and I really have missed her and my painting MOJO has been in the blahhhhh stage for a while but we  are now planning on using some great products I just purchased.  I bought my first ever real mixed media journal and I am starting with the month of June and journal until the end of the year since June was my birthday month and Trip to Oklahoma, and July is the second best month of the year My Wedding Anniversary  yes..50years...and this will be so much to fun as we have a full month planned. The rest of the year will be a surprise.

I also belong to several groups that have some great plans and challenges that I will post as I do them .   Now my next Challenge is to learn the proper way to add a photo..maybe I need to take a computer class to learn all this . Naaa its more fun flying by my pants.. well I smell food so I am going now Bye Bye.

Until tomorrow I will come in with a BANG...Happy 4th will be here.

Sharon (Shadee66) 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My first story about who I am "A GEMINI"

I go by the name of Shadee, or Shadee66. This is a name my grandmother gave me when I was a child and I really like the sound of the nickname iIt is two parts of my real name
Sharon Dee. I was born on D-Day 1944, and that is where my name came about that is the most important part of a person is her/his name.
Just a short story of who I am and what I do and why I am here on Granny's Korner Blog and  Find Your Voice.

I have been married for 50 years come July 27th this year to a wonderful man, we are lovers, friends, and parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.
There are many parts to my life I have my faith to keep me grounded and my Art to keep me happy.  That is why I known as the Gemini, I am two person in one body.

My grounded person has been a mother of three great boys, and three wonderful grandchildren, and three wonderful Great -grandchildren and these are the center of my real world, plus all the wonderful thing my hubby and I do now that we are retired and enjoying the ''GOLDEN YEARS'', and why they call retirement that I cannot figure it out it has been the ""Broke Years" for me. LOL.

I have gone through  a lot of sorrow  along with a lot of fun and in the last 50 years since I have been married. I lost my father the week after I was married, we lost 2 sons at the age of 21 each, and step-father, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, mother-in-law father-in-law and a lot of friends.  This has brought out the twin in me the Creative person.

In the 1980's I took up " CREATIVE PERSON".  I have always been creative from childhood but it came to life when we lost our sons. I started decorative painting class and was encouraged to open a craft shop in our small town of Ste. Genevieve, Mo and I did it.
I new nothing about business but I new about art and supplies so I jumped in with both feet and this is where the fun begin.  I took classes, I taught, I learned we did not have computers at that time and I had two very special helpers   that were great designees and we did it all.
Then the "GREAT FLOOD OF '93" took it all away.  But that did not stop me I moved to my basement and opened a studio and that is where I am now.

The Journey will continue next week tune in to my blog.
Until then.