Wednesday, July 3, 2013


July 3,2013

Hello for Granny's Korner Studio. 

What do I have on my desk today well I have nothing.....Yes I said nothing. Shocked!!
I am in the process of cleaning and organization for my favourite friend and student to return next week..YEA!!!!!
She has been gone for 6 months and I really have missed her and my painting MOJO has been in the blahhhhh stage for a while but we  are now planning on using some great products I just purchased.  I bought my first ever real mixed media journal and I am starting with the month of June and journal until the end of the year since June was my birthday month and Trip to Oklahoma, and July is the second best month of the year My Wedding Anniversary  yes..50years...and this will be so much to fun as we have a full month planned. The rest of the year will be a surprise.

I also belong to several groups that have some great plans and challenges that I will post as I do them .   Now my next Challenge is to learn the proper way to add a photo..maybe I need to take a computer class to learn all this . Naaa its more fun flying by my pants.. well I smell food so I am going now Bye Bye.

Until tomorrow I will come in with a BANG...Happy 4th will be here.

Sharon (Shadee66) 

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  1. Happy anniversary, Sharon! I can't wait to see your journal entries! Go forth and create!