July 4,2013

Hope everyone is enjoying the great day of our Independence.  I don't do the fireworks anymore as I no longer have family close by to enjoy it with so I enjoy my neighborhood firework display at dark. I spent most of my day in the studio trying to work on my design skills.  I did this piece with the new order form Stampin up website and I am not a flower person and really new to the mixed media concept.  In the past years of painting I done a lot of faux finishes on my background and then I did a more realistic picture, using my Deco art acrylics or my Genesis oils. 
I have been introduced to this year to a whole new art technique, it is called Mixed Media and I have also been introduced to the steampunk style. I am now having to become a designer of my own projects and it has been a up and down ride.  I have a journal I started which I hope to share in the future as I learn more about the method of blogging.
This project is called "Flures" French for flowers.
I used Illustration board I think it is 8x10. I cut my own boards so not sure I didn't measure this one.
Background was watered down and I used Tim Holtz,s inks colored used are Peacock feathers, worn lipstick,dusty concord, and I added drops and spritzed with water and let it do its own thing, and then I used a Creative Memories pen and outlined what I though looked like flowers and then I used some old pastel chalks I had and color box applicator and shaded and worked the different colors around the background and the flower images.  Used some stamps on the background also a flower from Tim Holtz's and a small butterfly from B line Design and I did them in Gesso and purple ink pad no name.
Then I looked at the project and it was so plain so I had a 2 angels on my shoulders telling what to do so I found my tube of flowers from Perma flowers and my pearls and some graphic from the internet  and other items in my stash. Threw them on the work table and started putting things together and this is what I created.  Thank you Angles for guiding in the right direction and the nerve to jump in with both feet and go for it....

                                             HAPPY CREATING 
                                                                         Sharon d. Estes  (Shadee66)

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  1. Sharon, I know you've heard me say it before, but I will say it again ... I absolutely LOVE this piece. It has such a pretty colour scheme which is filled with texture and movement. Mostly, I just love all those big flowers that complement the whole piece ... gorgeous and makes such a statement. I'm really proud of you ... not only have you made yourself a blog, but you've stretched your artistic skills into new adventures!! Way to go m'lady!!!