Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Creation in progress Blog design update.

Well it is Wednesday June 26,2013 , and I am busy designing my new Blog page. :)
This has quite a challenge for me. I had a lot of support from some really nice bloggers, and they are to be Thanked and Thanked for all the hours we put in last night to get this going.
I am not a real computer friendly person and I have a lot to learn. 

I have wanted to be a blogger for along time but never new just what I wanted to talk about our share with the world.  I was introduced to a group of artistic people and bloggers on a group called Monday Mixed Media and met some really nice ladies and now I have found several more groups and on is called ArtAmuseMent, and a new group Find your Voice.
So this is why I am  here today. I want to share with the world what I am learning from the wonderful Teachers in these groups, also the past journey of my teaching Decorative art in the past and I am hoping all this will become one inside my box.  I am now on the outside looking in and wondering where is she going next???? Well maybe tomorrow I will find my path to where I am headed. 

So for today it is just getting this Blog up and going and hoping not to many Typos, misspelled words and wrong punctuation. 

You can find me on Facebook at . 

Well my time has expired and I must move on to something else around the box.
See you Tomorrow if the Creeks Don't Rise.

Sharon D. Estes


  1. I would love to have a grammar or punctuation checker, lol Now that would be useful! Glad to see a second posting today, you are going to be rocking the whole blogging thing! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  2. So proud of you Sharon! You're doing marvelously already. LOVE this picture of you, m'friend! Looking forward to seeing where this new adventure takes you! Love & ((((hugsaboodlebunches))))

  3. This will be fun Sharon! Welcome to blogging!